6. Biosphere 2: A $200 million failed space colony?

Biosphere 2 was originally meant to demonstrate the viability of a closed ecological system to support and maintain human life in outer space.  Its first mission was a two year experiment sealing a crew of eight humans from planet earth.  What went wrong? 

Join Anthony Arno as he talks with Biosphere 2 Deputy Director, John Adams.  Program highlights include:

  • John’s earliest memory of a teacher in school

  • Academic background

  • Is there a Biosphere I?

  • Biosphere II

    • Size comparison

    • Funding

    • Biomes included

    • Filling the ocean biome with sea water

    • Easiest and Hardest biomes to maintain

  • The Biosphere Lung Engineering Marvel

  • Biosphere Challenges

    • A failed experiment?

    • Mental and Physical limitations

  • Selection process for Biospherians

    • Where are the biospherians today?

  • Additional Biosphere missions

  • LEO (Landscape Evolutionary Observatory) research project

  • Educational programs for students in Grades K – 12

  • Biosphere accommodations for overnighters

  • Professional Development for Educators

  • Columbia University involvement with Biosphere 2

  • Feedback from locals on Biosphere 2J