10. KEVA Planks

Join The STEM Class Podcast host Anthony Arno as he talks with Ken Sheel, cretor of Keva Planks.  These wooden planks are a major part of every STEM classroom and the Makerspace movement.

  • What are Keva Planks?
  • Origin of Keva name
  • Comparison to other building toys
  • Applying Keva Planks across the curriculum with sample activities
  • Building the Resilience Muscle and Failing Forward
  • Blocks versus Planks design
  • Ball Run Challenges
  • Classroom Mangement
  • World Record for tallest Keva Plank Tower
  • Keva Museum Displays at regional science centers
  • Display for Dreamworks Shrek Castle 
  • What’s next for Ken Scheel?

WEBSITE: Keva Planks