5. A real life Rosie the Riveter: Dr. Frances Carter

Dr. Frances Carter is a real life Rosie the Riveter. In 1941, when Pear Harbor was attached, Carter left her studies to become a teacher to work in a Birmingham B-29 refurbishing factory. Join The STEM Class Podcast host Anthony Arno, as he talks with Carter about not only her life as a Rosie the Riveter, but as an educator as well.

Highlights from the show include:

  • Growing up during the Depression
  • Remembering December 7, 1941
  • Job responsibilities as a Rosie the Riveter
  • Wearing pants and lipstick to work as a woman
  • Opening up the STEM door for women in the workplace
  • Meeting her husband, John Carter
  • John proposes to Fran while serving in the US Army in France
  • The American Rosie the Riveter Club
  • Annual American Rosie the Riveter Conference. 
  • A 4 year old Rosie the Riveter from 1941 
  • Power Up promotes girls in construction careers
  • Famous Rosie the Riveter posters
  • Annual American Rosie the Riveter grant program for grades 6 – 12
  • What today’s generation can learn from the WW II generation
  • Good advice for teachers today 
  • Celebrity status as a Rosie the Riveter