Series: STEM in the Workplace

5. A real life Rosie the Riveter: Dr. Frances Carter

Shortly after my interview with Dr. Carter, she passed at 98 years old.  Whether or not you’re a STEM enthusiast, I invite you to hear the remarkable story of a passionate woman who served her country in the early days of WW II by working in a Birmingham B-29 aircraft factory .  She would later…

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4. Peter MacDonald – Navajo Code Talker

At the age of 15 as a Navajo Native American, Peter MacDonald enlisted in the US Marines simply because he admired the official uniform.  Shortly after boot camp, he was recruited into a secret military program that would rely on a language that has no written form for what would later be known as a…

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2. Koby Boykins – NASA Mars Rover Engineer

Kobie Boykins, is the NASA Project Engineer for the solar panels on all of the Mars Rovers- Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and the newest project- Perseverance.   Boykins talks all about his most memorable teachers growing up, how he approaches playing with LEGO’s and other toys with his young children, and NASA rovers that have…

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